Estonian Academic Agricultural Society
M. Karelson, O. Saveli

Page of the first statue
Page of the first statue

The Estonian Academic Agricultural Society promotes the scientific development of Estonian agriculture. It was established in 1920 with the motto "Work under the guidance of enhancing homeland agriculture in the spirit of the Estonian progressive farmer!" and recognized by Tartu University board in 2nd December 1920 and by Tartu-Võru Peace Assembly in 25th March 1925.

Members of the Society were the students (up to 449 in 1928) as well as the lecturers of the Faculty of Agronomy. The objective of the extracurricular activities of the AAS was to prepare the students for their future profession. Publishing activities were of great importance – the Society’s journal (Agronoomia) was published and manuals were compiled. The AAS was liquidated by Soviet power in 1940.

The Academic Agricultural Society was re-established in 1989. The Journal of Agricultural Science (Agraarteadus) has been published since 1990. Since 1996 the scientific annual conferences have been organized and two issues of the Transactions of the EAA Society have been published (until 2001). To appreciate the scientific work of the members of the EAA Society three honoraria have been given and the honorary members have been elected. There are more than 200 members of the EAA Society. EAAS is based in Tartu.